Wednesday, September 27, 2006


It's Wiki Wednesday where I catalog five consecutive "random article" searches on Wikipedia to see what turns up. Last Week, I ended up getting three articles that could fall into the category of "geekdom" A comic book character, a full description of an item found in a role playing vampire game, and 1,000 words on Earthworm Jim of videogame fame. Leading to the question, who enters stuff on Wikipedia anyway? Also, although this feature first appeared on a Thursday post for the sake of alliteration I moved it to Wednesday. Here are this week's five:

Explodingdog - You don't understand how great it is when you're doing a random article search and the first article you get is "explodingdog" especially when this line is written next to it, "For dogs used as anti-tank weapons, see anti-tank dog." "Explodingdog" is a website that has to do with drawing on demand and sounds pretty cool, check out the link. The definition of "anti-tank dog" is too horrible to mention, but I recommend clicking on it as well.

Three places came up next, they are:

Choptank, Maryland Founded in the 17th Century!

Salon High School, Ohio Someone loves their high school; there are about 730 words here. Fun Fact: Salon High's three notable alumni are all football players. I checked to see if my high school was on Wikipedia and of course it was. There were no "notable alumni" listed, but I think Matt Leblanc went there. Or, did "Joey" knock him off the notable list?

Decatur, Michigan One more place in Michigan I'll never visit.

And lastly:

Buffalo Bob Smith The host of "Howdy Doody" and apparently, according to Wikipedia, that's all he ever did.

That's it we only do five random articles here on Wiki-Wednesday. But I'll leave you with pneumatic weapon. Tune in next Wednesday for more Wikipedia fun! Better yet, play at home and save me the time. Just kidding, I love Wiki-Wednesday! I invented the damn thing.

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