Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Doubting Blogger

I recently got a Sitemeter because I read about it here, then here (I'm a cheap linking whore). At first, I was anxious, people could see how often I checked their blogs!? It was like when Friendster first allowed you to see who visited your page. The nervous tension that washed over me the day I found out was horrible because I didn't realize for a week or more. Who did I visit, ex-girl friends, enemies, random fuckers from high school? This is why I like the MySpace, you can stalk like the web intended, anonymously. But Sitemeter is quite fascinating, and I can't imagine how fun it must be examine the stats of a site that actually gets traffic.

I don't write a lot of political stuff on here (more like I shouldn't write anything political because I'm an idiot), but it seems every time I do my blog is viewed by someone in a RED state. RED Staters intimidate me because they're so confident in their values. Pro-life, pro-death penalty, anti-stem cell research, pro-war. Their logic is sound, mine is iffy at best. When they visit, they stay for about 3 minutes or so, enough time to skim my latest lefty rantings. When they leave it's usually after viewing my profile, probably to look to see if I have a bleeding heart in my photo, or perhaps a vagina. At this point I'm embarrassed. Here I am, a big city East Coaster fulfilling the stereotype of the lefty, blogging, whiney-little-bitch. Worse, no one reads my blog so I'm just crying into my pillow, alone. Pathetic. Maybe I'm not strong enough to blog after all, but it's probably all in my head. Sometimes too much information is a bad thing.

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