Thursday, September 14, 2006

Is It Too Late To Make Blogorrhea?

Just kidding, I'm not going to suck Gawker's cawker. Frankly, having that many people read this blog is intimidating. I've gone 28 years without being exposed as the fraud I am and I'd like to milk it for a few more. My MySpace was fuct up and I lost my friends, all 6 of them (including Tom and myself.) So I'll invite you guys back and I apologize for having to add me second time. I wanted to post for my one fan that sitemeter tells me is from Wayland - Geoff, thanks for reading. And since I'm posting so late in the day I'm going the youtube route. Here are some 80's commercials that you've probably already seen, now neatly packaged for your viewing pleasure:

Check the v/o on this baby

I really wanted to be this kid when I was younger

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