Friday, September 22, 2006

Can You Feel the Excitement?

Well, we made and I couldn't have done it without your feedback, support, and daily emails of encouragement. Thank you. A FULL WEEK OF DAILY POSTING! It wasn't easy and the quality suffered mightily, but baby, we did it. I only liked 3 of 5 posts this week and by "liked" I mean I'm not that embarrassed by them. Let me know what you thought of the first full week* of Kneecapped posts at

Now my weekend begins. I wish a Happy New Year to those who celebrate and a Happy Autumn to the rest of you.

I'll leave you with my favorite ebaums video, now conveniently on YouTube

*Note: I just realized that last week I posted everyday, so this isn't the first full week of posting. This is the just first week I noticed.

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