Monday, September 25, 2006

Horray for Boobies

Well, I just checked my email and it was almost full with people demanding a Monday post. Considering it’s a Gmail account with over 2700 MB of space it goes without saying, yet is flattering to point out, that the outcry is overwhelming. So without further ado here’s a lackluster Monday blog. If you don’t watch videoblogs, which is probably about 99% of you then please hold off until Tuesday. You can do it. I believe in you.

Have you seen this video blog, The 9, with a more polished Amanda Congdon clone? I think the planning for this video blog went something like this.

Unimaginative lackey #1: “That there Rocketboom seems to be doing well”

Unimaginative lackey #2: “Yeah, how did they manage that? We’re Yahoo! God damn it! Surely we can do better, but how?

Unimaginative lackey #1: “Well we can dumb it down with gossip, stay out of the political realm, works for

Unimaginative lackey #2: “But the boobs, we gotta keep the boobs”

Unimaginative lackey #1: “Boobs are key.”

Unimaginative lackey #2: “So we’ll keep the hot chick showing off the rack and use her to point to funny video and scoops, usually a day later than everyone else.”

Unimaginative lackey #1: “That’s great, but make sure to hype all things Yahoo! Flickr, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Video.”

Unimaginative lackey #2: Yahoo! Video is so much better than

Unimaginative lackey #1: “Video blogs are neat”

Unimaginative lackey #2: “I love you.”

And scene.

There you have it. That was an honest to goodness blog, with opinions about the happenings on the World Wide Web, not just ramblings of my life. I felt that this was important to share with you despite the fact that I lose serious “cool points” for a) admitting I watch video blogs, b) having opinions about video blogs, and c) using the phrase “cool points”. But what do you expect out of a Monday post the day after the Patriots were humiliated on a nationally televised night game?

Tomorrow a review on the Flaming Lips show.

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