Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Kneecapped Review (The Flaming Lips)

As promised a review of The Flaming Lips show last night at Hammerstein. How to encapsulate a concert that had: balloons, confetti, Wayne Coyne in a hamster ball crawling right over me, Santa costumes, lasers, smoke, a cool-video-projector-microphone-cam-thing, a strong set, crazy lights, and an altogether groovy atmosphere in under, say, 5,000 words? I’m not sure, but here goes:

It was good. I really enjoyed myself.
Later, I'll post a review of the people at the show including the Backpack Kid A.K.A. The Cheesy Mustache Guy who almost drove me to violence all while Wayne Coyne spoke of the positive energy and love out in the audience. I'm not sure that it will top this last review but be sure to catch it.

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