Friday, September 29, 2006

A Personal Prohibition

Last night was a “thank god I still have my wallet, cell phone, and bag” kind of night. Bruises cover my body from some late night fisticuffs with my friend outside the Winter Garden, but that’s what happens after you see Jackass. I passed out awkwardly on the couch after eating a leftover fish sandwich from Maggie Browns while trying in vain to focus on Wedding Crashers which was playing on the television. When I woke, the fish sandwich, content with its brief four hour stay in my stomach, resurfaced, this time accompanied with beer and stomach acid. So that’s why I had the quick youtube post earlier. But I’m feeling mildly better now and have a new mission.

I’m going into training (stop laughing.) Exercise at least 4 times per week. No beer for one month. No more cigarettes, ever. I will chart my progress in this space. All of my successes, relapses, and boredom will be documented here. The hardest part will be the beer, followed closely by exercise, and then smoking. I enjoy the occasional beer and there’s really no way I’ll make it the whole month, but I’ll try. Although, I have five cold Modelos waiting for me when I get home, and who is supposed to drink those? Every Friday for the next 4 weeks I’ll post my progress, or more likely, lack there of, for your reading pleasure. Wish me luck

Here's a before video, and in 4 weeks you'll get the after.

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