Friday, September 01, 2006

Taking a Stroll Through The Liberal Media

With our liberal media running amok it’s amazing that gays aren’t running around all married, without access to hand guns, and paying taxes that support schools and infrastructure. So let's take a stroll through (big echoing voice) The Liberal Media.

Rush’s lefty rhetoric poisons our children. He needs to be stopped.

Bill O’Reilly is a lefty communist who should fucking move back to Russia already.

Glenn Beck is a typical bleeding heart douchebag. Actually should CNN Headline News count as media? That’s a tough one.

Neal Boortz is all class, if class is defined as “liberal-homo-pro-terror-shit-fuck”

I’m pretty sure Sean Hannity takes it from behind and wants to marry his co-host. Thankfully Alan Colmes is a right thinking American, who just happens to look like a breathing corpse.

Tucker Carlson, typical pompous, over-educated, Hollywood-catering, anti-American liberal. But the bow tie is so darling.

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