Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Reader Mail Answered Here!

Let's open the olde mail box and answer a rare letter, er, email. If you want to participate and have your email shown on our forum send it here:

"Ever since going daily your posts pretty much suck balls. Why don't you just write when you have a funny story to tell or some news to report? Or why don't you go out and do things so you can write about interesting stuff instead of commenting on Yahoo! articles, the definition of Thursday, and Wikipedia? Don't you have better ways to spend your time? Your review of the Flaming Lips concert was despicable, 8 words!"

Stanley, Glenn Falls, NY

Thanks, Glen and a humble apology. The reason is because, mainly, I've been drunk. By the time I post mid-afternoon, scrambling for ideas, I'm down to the last sip of my 1/5 liter of SoCo. I like to chase that with 7Up, because 7Up is all natural. Then, in order to wash the booze smell off my breath and the taste of 7Up off my tongue I chase that with Black Haus.

The crippling strain of maintaining a daily blog has taken a toll on my psyche, no doubt. It has stretched my writing thinner than a hipster on a coke binge. But because of you, Glen, I’ll search high and low for amusing anecdotes to share with my small and uncomfortably critical, yet obsessive readership. I OWE this to you, my fans. With every fiber in my body a swear I will find the strength to write at least 100 – 150 words on the Backpack Kid A.K.A. Cheesy Mustache Guy that I promised you YESTERDAY. Thanks for reading, Glen, and for prying open my eyes, forcing me to acknowledge the dark, sulfuric depths that this blog is plummeting towards.


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