Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Thorrible Post (I'm Sorry)

Loyal reader(s), who I will now call THE FORCE, today is Thursday. For some of you this means going out and getting bombed, maybe playing a little beer pong, smoking the reefer, or hitting the crank. For others, Thursday means curling into a ball and crying because Friends is no longer on the air. But did you know that Thursday really means "Day of Thunor" or Thor? Yes, the reason Thursdays are so great is because its named after Thor, the hammer wielding Nordic diety popularized by Maia Brewton in Adventures in Baby Sitting.
maya brewton

So while you're drinking at Off The Wagon, taking part in the college ritual of "Thirsty Thursday", be sure to pour out a drop of Bud Light for your man Thor who made it all possible.

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