Tuesday, August 15, 2006

XXXSexySinglesXXX Marks the Spot

AOL is just plain sick and tired of Davis Hawke's failure to pay a lawsuit judgment of $12 million so they're digging up his parent’s property in search of gold and platinum bullion. You read that correctly. Next week, AOL plans to go through his parents couch cushions and junk drawers. It all seems petty to me, AOL being a multi-billion dollar corporation bothering the innocent parents of a son gone astray. That is until I found out why Hawke owes them the money, he's an email spammer, and only the worst and most depraved parents would raise such a home-mortgage-pushing, penile-enlargement-loving, free-ipod-sweepstakes-promoting fuckhead.


Check out the comment below. That popped up 3 seconds after I posted. Must have been the "xxx" in the title. Those spam fuckers are wiley.

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