Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Nicole Richie Plays Dress up

Not to get all Superficial on you, and I don't mean to steal The Assimilated Negro's thunder, but the optical illusion in this photo cracked me up. Doesn't she look like a 6 year-old trying on her mom's high heels?
One quick side note: I don't think this has been discussed enough, how in the world did Lionel Richie's daughter become so famous? One minute our country is reeling in post 9/11 depression and working towards an inevitable war with Iraq, and the next thing you know Paris Hilton releases a sex tape, Nicole Richie leaves rehab, and they appear together on Simple Life. This was a watershed moment. Malcolm Gladwell shoud site this in his next book, because it's been a non-stop parade of vapid celebrities and gossip since. Simple Life turned to Newlyweds and Newlyweds spun into The Ashley Simpson Show which ran alongside Laguna Beach which spun off into The Hills. Each show launching a no talent but slutty star who would become a gossip page mainstay. This all happened around the same time Star and US Weekly went glossy, encouraging normal self-respecting people to buy their rags. Now, we live in a world were a gossip columnist, Perez Hilton, is a celebrity. And, everyone is okay with this? Really?

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