Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Who Knew Bill O'Reilly and Fox News Loved Joe Lieberman So Much

Is it worth rebutting Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points? Probably not, but he's just such a mindfucker that sometimes you just need to get put your thoughts into words...even if no one reads them. Fox News squeezed a tear out today. Their champion and hero lost his primary, Senator Joe Lieberman. Excuse me? Since when has Fox News shed positive light on a member of the Democratic Party? Apparently, a popular election isn't good enough for the Fox propaganda machine.

Joe Lieberman voted for the Iraq war, a war that America was conned into, a war that angers most Americans, a war that was unnecessary, a war that tarnished the reputation of a great American patriot, Colin Powell, a war that, well you know, you don't need to hear it from me.

Regardless, Lieberman lost a primary and a referendum on the Iraq War. Is that so wrong? Is this not a democracy? Not to the folks at Fox News. To them it wasn't a state and a populace voicing their opinion, to Fox it's a chance to bash popular opinion. O'Reilly "quotes" The Daily Kos as being anti-Semitic, because some ignorant commenter, not a contributor made a stupid remark. If there's anything we know here in the blogosphere it's that "global village idiots" run amok. O'Reilly uses far left blogs as reliable sources of information. Manipulating blogs and bloggers most people dismiss as hate mongers and nuisances, in order to sway his moldable audience of narrow-minded sheep.

(More ranting: If the left had to regulate every comment from every asshole on the web, it would take sometime. And I'm sure that no Republican site have every uttered a racists word. And I'm sure that the web is free of right-wingers that say controversial and offensive things. I'm sure if you googled "white+supremisist+blog" nothing will show up. Hell check out the user comments on Hot Air, Michelle Malkin's righty Rocketboom wanabe comedic vlog vechicle. Or her sponsor Those Shirts that produce T-Shirts make light of the civil rights movement.)

When Bush wins under dubious circumstances, to Fox News, it democracy in motion, but when Connecticut stands up and mobilizes for a candidate who opposes the war, Fox battens down the hatches and attacks, attacks, attacks. What they're trying to do is obvious to anyone with an opposable thumb, they're trying to split the Democratic vote. They trying to elect a Republican. It's despicable, sad, and reminds me of Soviet and Maoist propaganda.

O'Reilly is a genius at pushing buttons and he treats these far left blogs like they're hard news, but to suggest that they are taking over America is Wrong. Americans know the war was/is a mistake and now it's Accountability Time. Stand up and take it like a man, Bill. Yesterday's primary was a huge victory. It's a victory that will help move this country out from under the dark clouds of the Bush White House and corrupt do nothing congress of fear inducing drones. It's Carl Rove's worst nightmare to have a candiate with the exact opposite platfor of the president winning elections, get ready for the mud to sling. I'm hopeful that one day America will realize what Fox is doing and we'll act with our ballots and prove to them that their influence is no longer wanted or needed.

It's that or an all out war against the Muslim World. Think of the rebuilding contracts after that sucker!

If Lieberman’s allows his hubris to help elect a Republican and continue the status quo into the toilette shame on him. What a way for an “elected” vice president to end his political career.

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