Sunday, August 06, 2006

50% of Americans are Irrational, Arrogant - Study

This story popped up on the wire today. Despite a jaw-droppingly expensive $900 million investigation to the contrary, half of Americans think Iraq had WMDs. Many blame talk radio for molding this inane and incorrect opinion. Talk radio has never seen a statistic or story it couldn't distort into ratings.

No, somewhere along the line we stopped thinking for ourselves. It’s much easier to have some TV or radio personality think for you. But when you have proof and still can't admit you're wrong, well that’s just plain arrogance and pundits can’t teach that.

I blame our impotent public schools that don't encourage people to think for themselves. Of course, if teachers did teach kids to think and argue and question, they'd get the wrath of O'Reilly who loves to go after the teachers who dare to stimulate debate.

Of course, strong teachers would hurt sales of his shudder-inducing book.

But O'Reilly isn't all bad; his viewership is the problem. If Bill says black is white and up is down, then perhaps another $900 million study will return with even more perplexing results.

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