Monday, August 21, 2006

People Who Look Like People - John Mark Karr Edition

When I first saw pictures of creepy John Mark Karr I couldn't help but think I'd seen him before. Dead eyes, blank, lifeless, childlike expression (could come in handy for a guy like JMK), thinning hair, frail, meek body. Where had I seen these before? That's when it hit me. Time for another installment of "People Who Look Like People"

JMK looks like a gaunter, sweatier, slightly hairier, and pedophilier version of Karl Pilkington, the funniest man in England today and an absolute IDD-YOT.

No? Time to come clean, I'm not very good at this game.

What if I told you he reminded me of...

This really isn't fair to Fred Rogers (who I think is an icon), but JMK could be a younger, pedofilier, sweaterless, Mr. Rogers. They both liked kids, both were teachers, both talk(ed) a lot of make-believe? Huh, huh, get it? Will his story check out? Is JMK telling the truth? Eh, pretty good eh?

No. Really? Then I apologize.

I guess John Mark Karr doesn't look like anyone else. Unless, he's the sweaty man-love child of David Duke and Jeffery Dahmer? I heard Duke played catcher.

If you're still reading and want to read some blog commentary of John Mark Karr that's actually funny go here.

The Daily Dump stole the John Mark Karr media circus. He took the coverage and ran it into the end zone of high comedy. It's hilarious and you should check it out.

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