Monday, August 07, 2006

A Conversation

You know all these blog entries where the writer has a confrontation with somebody and they re-cap it word-for-word? The blogger always has the perfect comeback and always wins the day. I hate these blog entries. They're jutter utter bullshit. Clublife is the biggest offender. This guy sounds like the biggest blowhard going, surprising because most bouncers are so fantastic. But there are others . And even blogs I like get into the act sometimes. Guess that's the point of blogging to write about the day’s events and encounters, but no one speaks like they’re straight out of a Tarantino film, I’m sorry. Anyway, on a completely different subject I had a confrontation today. I was walking to the subway and some dude wearing aviator sunglasses started frontin'.

"Yo, what are you lookin' at," Douche Bag with Shades says.

"I dunno Tom Cruise with narcolepsy" I said

"Yo you want to throw down?" Douchey says

"The only thing you're going to throw down is a French Slam at Denny's you fat fuck maybe you should cut down on the diabetes, fucktard. Don’t want you to lose a limb, you may eat it"

After that he just kind of slunk away mumbling to himself wondering how I got the better of him, it was awesome. I'm awesome.


Angelina said...

Hey, hey! You're right..that wasn't word for word. I left out the part where she said she wished I'd get mugged.

Kate said...

Actually, my middle name is Tarantino.

...But thanks for saying you like the blog. I do appreciate it.

Rick said...

Umm, does this mean the Clublife guy is going to kick my ass?

So I guess the trick to getting comments, other than providing entertaining or informative content, is acting like a dick. Is this why most people act like dicks? Because most people tend to act like dicks. This has been an eye opener.

Thanks for reading.

Angelina said..., it's more the linking than anything.

but, sure, if acting like a dick is more your forte, do what you're good at!

i just call shit like I see it. people tend to read/comment about that, but then again, I'm a self-absorbed blogger so, you know, grain of salt and all that.