Saturday, August 19, 2006

I Need a 12 Step Program

I've gone blog crazy. It's not that I post a lot (though I’m trying for daily posts) it takes too much time. No, I like creating new blogs and then think of better names and templates . It's becoming an issue. Just in case you look at my profile and the seven blogs listed here’s an explanation.

“Kneecapped” will remain my flagship blog. It's loyal readership of one (me) is sure to be excited (hooray!).

While I would love to delete “I Also Have An Opinion” it took my bloginity and I’m attached to it. Plus it features some of the worst concert photography of all time and it’s always good to check out for a laugh. My drunken Go! Team concert photos are a perfect example of technology in the wrong hands. And yes, I work in television where things like “framing” and “focus” are pretty important. My friend didn’t like the passive title “I Also Have An Opinion” and so “Kneecapped” was born. When I told my friend he said “Wow, that's pretty aggressive, the only thing worse is being “curbed” you could have named it that.” That’s when I remembered that there was a pretty important blog titled “Curbed” and my “Kneecapped” title lost all its luster.

And that lead to… Bars & Tone and Bars & Tone Deaf. I like these titles because I love bars and I work in TV. Seemed like a natural match. But there are enough blogs that write about how much they drink (and are much more talented than I am) and I wanted freedom outside of that realm. The names were available so I said “what the heck.” But it’s not like you need your blog title to match your URL.

The last are my Contemptster blogs. I accidentally created 3 different ones, but that was a issue. It kept saying the names were taken, but then all three showed up in my dashboard. This is a project I’m currently working on.

So that's that. Time to go get wicked wasted and the BAAAAH...and Tone.

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