Monday, August 21, 2006

Dead Team Walking

The Red Sox were just swept in a five game series by the Yankees. I only have this to say:
Coco Crisp sucks
Josh Beckett sucks
John Lester sucks
Manny Delcarmen sucks
Craig Hansen sucks
Wily Mo Pena sucks
Rudy Seanz sucks
Javy Lopez sucks
Mike Timlin sucks
Keith Foulke sucks
Doug Mirabeli sucks
Alex Cora really sucks
Theo Epstein - The Honeymoon is over

Pedro Martinez, he was pretty good, probably shouldn't have let him walk. Johnny Damon, he was pretty good probably shouldn't have let him walk. Orlando Cabrera, was pretty good too. Why wouldn't you want to go battle the Yankees one more time with these guys? The Sox are done. Now time for a McGinest/Vinatieri-less Pats season. Why can't we keep any of my favorite players. I'm through with sports. I shouldn't be upset because both these teams won the whole thing recently, but isn't that what makes sports fun, complaining. If you don't have that then why follow?

Is Monty Biesel the Coco Crisp of the Patriots or the other way around?

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