Wednesday, November 15, 2006

This Can't End Well

As all of you know, the Red Sox bid $51.1 million for the right to negotiate with Japanese star pitcher, Daisuke Matsuzaka. Shockingly, a measly bid like that won the prize. Now they deal with Scott Boras, the mastermind behind A-Rod's now infamous contract. Let’s just say the Sox shouldn't close the coffers just yet.

Top notch pitchers are getting $15 million per year contracts these days, so figure Boras to really put the screws to the Sox who are already in for 51 million smackeroos. Say Matsuzaka wins a 5 year 77.5 million dollar contract ($15.5 per season) and add that sum to the $51.1 million already paid and the deal averages out to $25.72 million, more than the A-Rod deal. All this for a pitcher who only throws every five days, not a shortstop who will break the career homerun record.

The fact that it’s the Red Sox, as a fan, I have to say this doesn't have a great chance of ending well. The best case scenario is they win another World Series or two. Great, I’m all for that, and the excitement level of having a pitcher of this magnitude will be fun. Plus, you have to love the Sox spending some dough, finally. But the worst case scenarios and the ifs out weigh everything else. Injury, overrated, disappointment, can’t pitch on the big stage, home sick, he sucks, all these things will kill the Red Sox down the road.

I can’t complain too much, I’m not a Royals, Pirates, or Tampa Bay fan thank God. The Sox are going after the best pitcher on the market, so I can’t bitch too much about it, and hey, it’s not my money anyway, but spending that kind of money to talk is borderline stupid.

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