Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Fricken Napsack Indeed

Do rolling suitcases bother you as much as they bother me? People just don't know how to steer those fuckers and whenever I'm near a person strolling one I fear my legs are going to be taken out from under me after a sharp turn made by the oblivious pedestrian. They make me uneasy and that pisses me off.

Well, there's something worse than rolling suitcases, rolling backpacks. Suitcases are heavy and I understand the need for wheels, but backpacks? Give me a friggin’ break. That's why this morning I smiled while walking to work towards Penn Station when a man huffed, puffed, and stormed around a woman with a rolling backpack and yelled at her, "it's a fricken napsack!" and stormed off.

I love the smell of anger in the morning, especially warranted anger. Here's an idea, those straps on your backpack, put your weak and atrophied arms through them and rest the straps on your scrawny shoulders and, gasp, carry your backpack.

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