Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ion's Take - In the Shining Path of Monster Trucks

(The following line should be read in your best Morley Safer or Mike Wallace voice. RIP Ed Bradley.)

Ion's had it with all the with big trucks.

Why are big trucks not equipped with directional signals to let lesser cars know when they will change lanes? Why do big trucks tailgate you when you are already going 90 miles an hour? If they’re in such a big hurry , why aren’t they sports cars? Do drivers of big trucks realize that although they may drive a big truck to enhance their stature, they actually look much smaller behind the wheel of a big truck? Why are advertisements for big trucks so similar, regardless of the manufacturer? Instead of the ads showing big trucks driving to construction sites or herding cattle, why don’t they emphasize how easily the doors of big trucks can dent adjacent cars in parking lots or their ability to cover two lanes of traffic on most roadways? Why are big trucks so eager to demonstrate all the places they can go although they shouldn’t? Why are they the loudest vehicles out there? Why are they so brash and seemingly so eager to make a statement? Why do they consume so much fuel? Why do big trucks seem to embody the worst characteristics of our country?

Photo by Ion.

Ion did not give me permission to use this photo, I am assuming I have it. I hope not to be sued.

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