Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The ESPN Era AKA The Death of Sports

I was as shocked as anyone when the sports media overreacted to the latest Bobby Knight controversy. The sports media is always rational and reasoned. No, actually there are few groups as self important in this day and age as the sports media. Add the fact that their ugly mugs are posted all over television and now they aren't just full of themselves, but they’re also famous. It is the age of "Media as Celebrity" and it’s enough to make you grow a cheesy Jim Rome goatee and shoot yourself in the face.

After listening to Mike & Mike spar verbal diarrhea, about Bobby Knight, in between stutters and their typical ass kissing, I pretty much had it. I now officially hate sports. The media, with a few exceptions, have driven all the fun out of following it, and I fucking hate them for it. Check out ESPN today, a whole fucking section of a non-incident, and an important “Day later” video.

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