Monday, November 27, 2006

That's So Pathetic

This headline caught my eye today as I was perusing Yes that's correct, ESPN was cleverly referencing the Raven Simone show, That's So Raven. Never heard of That’s So Raven? It’s the show that's currently making a mockery out of the once great viewing experience that was Saturday morning television. Let's just say that Raven is a high schooler with the ability to see into the future. Bad show. But, That's So Raven is owned by Disney, so it's a natural synergy for ESPN also owned by Disney. Hooray for synergy!

Let's forget for a minute that I know what show ESPN is talking about (and please let’s forget it, like right now) but does the average sports fan and visitor know of That's So Raven? I tend to doubt it.

Yes I’ve seen the show and it's embarrassing, but when I'm hung-over in our bedroom without cable TV I've been reduced to watching TSR. I must say, it's great for when I'm trying to induce vomiting.


pokerfoos said...

You gotta wonder how long they've been waiting to use that one.

Ali said...

When they figure out how to cross-promote "Phil of the Future" and "Suite Life of Zac and Cody" on the college basketball page,I'll be worried.

Kneecapped said...

As long as Chris Berman doesn't coin the new nickname "Joe 'Hannah' Montana" I think we'll be okay.