Monday, November 20, 2006

Kneecapped’s Lack of (Internet) Knowledge - Fred Wilson Interview

I saw Fred Wilson speak tonight at a New York Magazine "Master Class" event. I had never even heard of Fred Wilson before, which considering that he is a major player in website venture capitalism, and a popular blogger, goes to show you my naiveté in these matters, but I digress.

Fred gave a great interview. He was clear, insightful, and he was able to relay his message to a wide range of audience members with varying degrees of background knowledge. If I understood what he was talking about, surely everyone else did. It's no surprise he recently sold his home for a ridiculous sum of money, he’s a bright fellow.

I'd recommend hearing him speak if you get the chance, or just check out his blog like I will be doing from now on. The interview will also be available on Columbia Business School's website in the near future.

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