Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fake Baseball Bets #9: We Ain't Going Nowhere We Ain't Going No Where We Can't Be Stopped

...Because it's Bad Boy for life! What, Puff Daddy's the greatest, maybe second greatest rapper of all time? I digress. I'm cranking the late 1990's early 2K shit-hop because we are on what is known in betting circles as a "winning streak." I'll tell you what, the sky maybe overcast this morning but every stratus cloud glistens with sliver. 

The Giants pulled off the win last night on the long, lanky arm of Randy Johnson earning Johnson his 299th career win. This was our personal favorite. The victory earned us 130 bringing the season total after ten wagers to +230 capps. We wish this were real money although if it were we would have quit last week when we were down 230. Gambling is a mercurial mistress.

It's a light Major League schedule today (see pitching form below). 100 capps on the Orioles to continue their winning ways as home underdogs against the Tigers at +120. 


Geoff said...

I'm fading this pick with Detroit +124.

Adam Shonkoff said...

What does mercurial mean again?

RT said...

Volatile; erratic; unstable; flighty; fickle or changeable in temperament.

I liked the alliteration.