Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fake Baseball Bets #4: Pay. Me. My. Money.

On Monday we placed two bets:

100 capps on Washburn and the Mariners which we lost
100 capps against Derek Lowe and his face which paid out 200 capps

This Brings the season total after four wagers to +170 capps. Respectable. 

After glancing at today's pitching form (below) we see a lack of home underdogs, the Mariners being the only one, but we're not going down th
at road again so soon. 

Today we're placing another 100 capps on the Rockies playing at Atlanta.  The Braves have not played well at home, and although the Rockies starter is 0-3 he has a decent 3.16 ERA. This bet will pay 170, the second best payout on the board.

We're also going ahead and betting that the Yankees winning streak will come to an end on the arm of Phil Hughes with another 100 capps wagered on the Orioles at +160.


Geoff said...

These truly are fake bets.

I have been tailing most of these (except the Washburn game). The prices you are getting are not accurate. For example, at a real book I get +130 for the Orioles, not +160. Your numbers will be inflated by the end of the season. Anyways, good luck capping the games.

RT said...

Do you see the pitching form? I'm working off the form, not the bookies. Just cuz you're in the red Harm doesn't mean you can rain on my (fake) parade.

RT said...
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