Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fake Baseball Bets #11: Something Smells Fishy

Last night we went to a seafood restaurant with our wife, Jodi.  We shared a dozen oysters, she got a lobster roll and glass of white wine, and we had the flounder fish tacos and two Victory Pilsners (not at once).  The lobster roll was "Market Price" so we figured 25 - 35 dollars for the roll.   However, this restaurant is known for their delicious lobster rolls and is parked right in the West Village so any price could have been expected.  When we got our bill it came to 133 dollars, $60 of which accounted for the lobster roll.  We laughed in disbelief, shook our heads, talked about how this dinner was more expensive than our recent anniversary meal, paid the bill, and left.  Shit we thought, New York Fucking City.  

A few steps out the door Jodi says she saw our neighbors bill, a table that ordered two lobster rolls, and that their bill was less than ours. We thought for a minute. They must have charged us for two lobster rolls.  After some time inside Jodi sorted it all out, but we almost just took the damage. Stupid on our part. We should have questioned the price once we got the bill, but though it didn't seem reasonable it also didn't seem like it was out of the realm of possibility.  What does this have to do with Fake Baseball Betting?  It wasn't the only time we overpaid for fish last night.  

The Marlins put up a good struggle, snapped a few steel lines, shook some lures free, but in the end they were caught, stuffed, and mounted on Citi Field's dugout wall.  The crushing blow came on a Santos Al Halper single in the 11th inning.  This sinks our season total +250 capps after 12 wagers.  Still very respectable.  You can buy a little over four $60 lobster rolls with that kind of money! 

Today we're throwing 100 on the home-dog Angels against King Felix and the M's at +120

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Jodi said...

Nice segue. Now I'm in the mood for another lobster roll. And since you're up in capps, we can get that $60 roll.