Monday, May 18, 2009

Fake Baseball Bets #3: Packing up the Hatchback and Heading to Vegas

<---The Derek Lowe Face we're hoping to see tonight.

We're coming off a big win thanks to the Pirates dismantling of the Rockies, to bring the season total after two bets to a respectable 70 capps. After glancing at today's pitching form we're thinking Vegas has waaaaay too much respect for Derek Lowe are going to wager 100 capps on the Rockies at +200. 

And to make up for missing yesterday, we're also throwing 100 on Jarrod Washburn and the home underdog Mariners at +130 against the Lackey and the Halos.

Season Tally
Bets: 2
Total Wagered: 150 capps
Winnings: +70 capps

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