Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fake Baseball Bets #7: Back in the Swing

Mechanically we're fine. Cranking the long ball in BP. Hitting the ball hard, but right at people. This slump is going to break we just know it. We knocked one dinger to make it respectable. We are the David Ortiz of fake baseball gambling. 

After taking Memorial Day weekend off from placing any fake wagers, and after reflecting on our recent win (taking the Phillies on friday night against the Yanks), we're once again ready to brandish our baseball betting knowledge on you, our humble reader(s).

Tonight we're placing 100 capps on home underdog Micah Owings and the Cincinnati Reds at +140. Though we'd much rather bet on a pitcher named Payings.

Season Total:
8 wagers
-60 capps

And may God bless you as well, Micah. BTW, our name is Rick. No worries.

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Geoff said...

darn, my reader didn't pick this up until the third inning