Friday, May 29, 2009

Fake Baseball Bets #10: Somebody Stop Me!

With topical nineties pop culture references as post headers the last two days it's a wonder more people don't read this blog. Before you know it we'll be writing "What Is The Deal With Danny Haren?" headlines and Hoop will come barreling through the door looking for his Cubans. But in the meantime, don't have a cow, and certainly don't steal my sunshine because we are on a three game winning streak.

The O's won again last night and are playing their best baseball since Brady Anderson patrolled the outfield causing Baltimore women to swoon with is perfectly shaved side-burns and perfectly steroid (maybe) sculpted chest. The win upped our kitty 120 capps leaving us +350 after 11 wagers.

While awake at 5 o'clock this morning we glanced at the pitching form and wanted to place a bet on Lilly and the home-dog Cubbies. However the game is currently scoreless the 6th inning. Instead we'll lay 100 of our hard-gotten gains on the Marlins at +200 against Pelfrey and the Mets. The only other home-dog on the board was Toronto playing against our Sox so we're going for the big payday with Florida.

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