Monday, February 26, 2007

The World's Most Exciting Store

Below is a photograph of the most exciting store I have ever seen:

Watch out ESPN Zone and move over The Discovery Channel store because the CNBC magazine shop is in the hizz-ouse, raising the bar for basic-cable-sponsored retail stores everywhere. As soon as you set foot inside its three walls visions of Suze Orman and stock tickers dance in your head. Does it look or feel much different than, say, Hudson News? No, the CNBC store is your typical airport magazine store filled with gossip rags, Robert B. Parker novels, and Trident. The only difference is that it resides under the hallowed Peacock of the NBC family of channels. And you have to respect the peacock.

I’ve seen CNN stores in the Atlanta airport, but these stores make too much sense for me. They actually sell CNN merchandise, not to mention the close ties CNN has with Atlanta. It’s a natural fit. The CNBC store on the other hand is totally random and offers no merchandise. Basically the store consists of a few NBC signs and a magazine rack. Perfect and shameless.

It’s not all cupcakes and puppy dogs, however, as rumors are leaking out of Washington D.C.’s Ronald Regan International Airport. Supposedly next week they’re unveiling a brand new, contain yourself, C-SPAN store. This will be an epic battle to be sure. So, stay sharp CNBC, keep an eye on your rearview, and make CNBC the best damn cable news sponsored newspaper rack in the airport.

UPDATE: A Kneecapped First Photo Exclusive!

Here's the first photograph of the new C-SPAN store in Washington D.C. and it is causing quite a stir.

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