Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dude, Lighten Up Thursday

It's Dude Lighten Up Thursday time, but this week's DLUT is a disappointing one. I’m writing this as a man who once had a “Die Harder” Tim Hardaway poster on my wall. I also loved Hardaway’s Nike commercial with Spike Lee (“I gots skillz”) but now he finds himself a “Dude Lighten Up Thursday” inductee. How did Tim fall so fast? Well if you’ve watched SportsCenter you’ve heard about Timmy’s hate filled anti-gay rant on Miami radio. If not, read about it hear. So Tim, you’ve made millions of dollars, legions of fans adored you, and you got to play basketball for a living. Dude, Lighten Up. Why all the hate? Let’s bring out the love you DLUT you.

Dude, lighten up.

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