Monday, February 12, 2007

Red Carpet Versus Awards Shows

Let's just have a monthly event were we parade out all the stars we want to see, have them walk the red carpet, and then go to a party where there’s another red carpet. It's clear that this is all that matters. Let's end this silly facade of award shows as an event to acknowledge greatness. The Grammy Awards, and award shows in general (the Academy Awards is hanging on by a thread) cease to be relevant when the most talked about subject is the red carpet and fashion, not the winners of the awards.

Take Yahoo! For example. On Yahoo!’s homepage they have two tabs “Featured” and “Entertainment” and the only place where winners are mentioned is in small type on the “Entertainment” tab. Both tabs feature the red carpet. The Grammy’s are now officially on the same level as the Blockbuster Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and every other fake awards show.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised by this an I’m not, but are celebrities really that interesting? You’re damn fucking right they are! I don’t know how I’d function without them.

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