Thursday, October 12, 2006

Does the "S" Stand for Sycophantic?

That slurping sound you heard yesterday at about 3:30PM was ESPN licking their chops with the prospect of pounding the Cory Lidle story into your brains. ESPN gets to show their “sensitive” and “hard news” sides. On Mike & Mike in the morning, they pay their lip service to the tragedy, “Today sports takes a back seat to tragedy, blah blah blah, This really puts sports in perspective blah blah blah, our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family blah blah blah, now on to the playoffs.” I just love getting my life's perspective from ESPN.
On, Jermey Shapp whines his way through the story making sure to use as much gravitas as possible so we can understand the life changing seriousness of this accident. He even explains that Lidle's family has had to stay way from their home because "the media was staking it out." The damn media eh, Jeremy? I'm sure ESPN or ABC don't have a microwave truck idling in Lidle's driveway as we speak.

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