Sunday, October 01, 2006

Quotes That Make You Want To Slit Your Wrists

This quote from made me gag and contemplate taking my own life:

“Space travel is sexy,” said Star magazine editor at large Jill Dobson. “If you think rock stars get the chicks, wait 'til Dave Navarro returns from space and then see how popular he is with the ladies.”

There you have it. What millions of Star Wars and Star Trek fans have known for years has finally hit Hollywood. Space travel is sexy. Forget science, the awe of human technology, or the sheer beauty of seeing Earth from space, because traveling to space will get you laid.

Who better to travel to space than reality TV douchebags like Dave Navarro and Paris Hilton? With recent space travel disasters still fresh on the brain, and crippling the taxpayer funded NASA, perhaps it's time for a few accidents from the private sector. Well, as long as the disasters avoid the Stephen Hawkings of the world, and hit those b-list attention whores who happened to stumble upon a few million dollars in their vapid existence. I can think of no better way to rid ourselves of the Paris Hilton scourge than her being vaporized in the upper atmosphere.

It all reminds me of the Y2K chapter of “Treehouse of Horror X” episode of The Simpsons in which a rocketship pakced with b-list celebrities like Pauley Shore and Dan Qualye is launched towards the sun. I wanted to find this video for you but failed. If you have one, please email me or throw it up on youtube and I’ll post it here and credit you. But here, at least is the Y2K meltdown:

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