Friday, March 30, 2007

Pyramid Mystery Solved?

I saw this interesting article on Yahoo! about a new theory explaining how the pyramids were built. Here's my favorite part:

"Houdin, 56, brushed aside concerns about the popular curse which is supposed to punish those who penetrate the secrets of the pyramids, dating back to the opening of Tutankhamun tomb.

"Why should I be worried? I'm just explaining that the people of the time were architects of genius and that Khufu was a genius to order the pyramid's construction. What could happen to me, except that Khufu would thank me?," he told Reuters shortly before being struck by a bus."


Anonymous said...

Houdin's theory can not be taken serious.......Afterall, if he can't stay away from in front of oncoming traffic!??

Seriously, Houdin's theory is a hoax based on superficial studies. There is a much better study online, in which the author gives away 3 free texts on the pyramids. These were launched before Houdin's, but without as much fanfare. The author addresses common misconceptions revealing the errors in past theories leaving the very simple, accurate, and clear truth for the reader..........I was thrilled to be able to work on part of the expose, and the world needs to see the truth. It is powerful, but not nearly as tricky as we once thought.......The "trick" is the mind games that seemingly reasonable people have shared (lied?) to us about in the past.

See the FREE book series at

Lots of books, drawings, photos, and a host of accurate, verifiable information from someone who actually lived and worked there.

Anonymous said...

After reviewing French Architect Houdin study of spiral internal ramps in the Great Pyramid, it all appears a little mystic. What Houdin appears to do is "discount" the lower section of the structure and focus on minor stone movements in the upper 1/2 to 2/3's of the structure........In the "SolomonSeries" text Whidden demonstrates this is only about 20% of the overall mass........Also, what Houdini seems to miss is the opposing corners of the structure and the tiers of stone are all nearly level at the upper portions of the structure. This helps rule out the spiral ramp theory.....It also poses a question Houdini cannot answer regarding how/why the tiers on the outside are so nearly level. A "built from inside out" using water theory would explain the leveling at the upper levels.........Houdini fails to explain the simple fact that in the upper 1/2 of the structure the stones are only about 20 inches thick. There are not any "massive" stones above Houdin's ramp theory........The concept is full of error.....I took the time to download Whidden's theory online (Free!). I found the first book gave a simple, reasonable build-up......then the second in the series explained the demise using some of the coolest CSI/forensic techniques........It amazes me this text/book series is freely available...........I understand the concept is to write a perpetual series of electronic texts to de-mystify the pyramid issue(s) and all those who sign up early will receive all the releases..........From Italy! Ciao!

Anonymous said...

How can you guys be serious!?? Are either of these clowns (Houdin or Whidden) ceritfied archaeologists? My understanding is that Houdin is an architect who designs buildings, not mobilization techniques. What would he know? Whidden on the other hand has experience in mobilization, but what does he know about building?......One guy is from France and the other from the United States. Can you expect them to agree? If this was a "real" project we would expect a guy like Houdin to arrange with a guy like Whidden to move his construction components, but they would have to bring in someone else to show them how to do it.........If Whidden's plan would work then why would he give it away for free? Do you realize that if a person really knew the answer, then they would be in HUGE demand, and they wouldn't give away their work.......Unless there is another Pyramid/Archaeology/Egyptology agenda!