Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kneecapped is Back and He Brought with Him "Dude Lighten Up Thursday!"

It’s Dude Lighten Up Thursday your favorite and only weekly Kneecapped feature. This week’s DLUT is New York Post columnist and all-round curmudgeon Phil Mushnick. Phil writes about media coverage of sports and he’s really not all bad (especially his contempt for ESPN), but this picture is ridiculous. Phil, smile! You’re not being lined up and executed. Stop acting tough because you’re not fooling anyone.

Dude, Lighten Up.


dc3998 said...

Phil should be the mascot for DLUT! Great stuff. Am I the only one that can not differentiate between U's and V's in the Word Verification? I think Blogger needs to 'Lighten Up' with verifying things.

Rick said...

I have verifcation on because I was getting spammed. I think Mike Lupica is the DLUT mascot.