Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day Now a Word from Kneecapped

Hi, before I go get wicked frickin' smammered I wanted to post this for you all. I wanted to do it yesterday, but I've been busy and not online all that much. Here goes.

If you haven’t noticed things have been slowing down here at Kneecapped Central, it’s a sad truth. Unfortunately, for you and your boredom this will be an ongoing trend. Not to fear starting Monday you can find me here. I’ll be writing a daily blog on that site which should be pretty much the same type of thing I do here, but everyday and more focused. The site is very interactive so maybe you guys can participate. Anyways, I’ll still be posting here occasionally. I’m also adding advertising to this site. I hope that doesn’t turn you off, but what the hell might as well try and catch some stray fish and make a few cents.

As always, thanks for reading and give my new site a chance, it’s funny.

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