Friday, December 29, 2006

Kneecapped's Year That Was - A summary in 12 Parts

So it’s the end of another year. Fan-fucking-tastic! And what better way to celebrate than by recounting the year that was. Since I was the Time person of the year let’s recount my tremendous trip ‘round the sun, a twelve month tour de force certainly worthy of the cover of the top weekly news rag (no one’s made fun of that Time cover yet, right?) The format: I will recap one or two events from each history making month of 2006. A task that, after cutting through the haze of time and alcohol, is harder than it sounds.

I was selected as a juror on a horrific case and the defendants tried to escape the courtroom by stabbing their lawyer in the neck and tackling the bailiff. Not the ideal way to start the year, but at least the murderers were convicted a month later.

Saw Sammy Hagar perform with Chad Smith at Cabo Wabo in Cabo San Lucas and learned that he still can’t drive 55. Hangover followed.

March sucks. It’s by far my least favorite month and it should probably be stricken from the calendar. But since I’m not God…yet (hint, hint Time Magazine) I scanned the deep reaches of my mind and came up with spending St. Patrick’s Day in the fine Irish pub Welcome to the Johnsons. Plus, my NCAA bracket was destroyed after the first day. This is the best I can come up with which is in a nutshell why I hate March.

Went to see Ladytron at Irving Plaza. Loved the show, had fun, felt old.

Celebrated my first wedding anniversary. “Jodi, they said we couldn’t do it baby but we showed the world!”

Moved into a new apartment, began a 30 year journey into debt service.
Fell in love with soccer all over again. Is there any doubt that the 2006 World Cup was the event of the year? (This event took place in June as well.)

Started a little blog you may have heard about. No, Still haven’t heard about it? Get ready for a big ad campaign in the New Year. A hint, it involves me sitting at a street corner with a cow and a poster of Laura Dern.

Saw the Flaming Lips and wanted to punch the dickhead fan who was wearing a giant backpack, chickened out.

Didn’t dress up for Halloween for the 7th straight year. A personal highlight.
Almost died at a Massive Attack concert.

I met a certain someone who I had been poking fun at on this space, awkwardness followed. If I really wanted to confront these people I wouldn’t have a blog, I’d have courage.
10 year high school reunion.

I wrote a narcissistic blog about my award winning year.
Realized I gained about 15 – 20 pounds in 2006. All this after swearing I would jog everyday.


Dommer said...

Happy anniversary.

Rick said...

Thanks for reading, Dommer

jonah.lopin said...

what made you almost die at the massive attack concert in October?